Stay Away From Hustle Bustle Of Busy Chennai Life
At Elliots Beach

Elliots Beach (also known as Bessie/Besant Nagar Beach)scripts the conclusion of Marina Beach.
This place is to a great extent tidier than Marina Beach , and less crowded with a clean stretch of shore.
The beach is a major hang-out zone for most of the college going crowd in Chennai. It is also hunted by foreigners who leisurely sun tan at Elliots .
There is a lotof Parking space available outside .The fast foods and restaurants alongside the roads give a taste of Chennai Food(Must Eat for those willing to taste food of lifetime)Some of the famous restaurants in vicinity are

Ponnuswamy restaurant
Karaikudi restaurant
Lee's Chinese restaurant
The New Shangri La, a Malaysian restaurant.

There are a lot of tiny stalls along the sands of the beach that sell stuff like Murukku, chilly pakodas and the likes The beach sands also give you a taste of a lot of mouthwatering south Indian snacks.
The beach is particularly preferred by the young crowd as there are a lot stylish eateries and other shopping facilities here.

This glittering beach too is mostly sandy. The shore is not as huge as Marina but you can experience everything that you could get from a "good beach".
The Beach comes outalive during night-time.
You cannot resist spending your time at this alluring beach.

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An imposing view of Bessie at twilight

Getting To Elliots Beach:

Location: 60 km from Chennai

From Airport: It is always recommended to visit Bessie after your stopover to Marina.Just following the roadways along the south should lead you here.
From Central Railway Station: You can catch an electric train that traverses Besant Nagar.Basically Besant Nagar is where Elliot Beach is sited
From Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus(CMBT): After getting down at CMBT, Grab a bus to Besant Nagar. Note that the frequency of these buses is quite stumpy.
If possible,hire a car to Elliots

Places To Visit Near Elliots:

1) Ashtalakshmi Temple: This temple is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi. This Temple is just 20 years mature and materializes unlike from rest of the shrines
2)Velankanni Church: Velankanni Church Chennai is a pilgrim place for Christians.It is called Mecca of Christians!!!Look why..Here
3) Karl Schmidt memorial: A prominent landmark on this shoreline of Elliots Beach is the Karl Schmidt Memorial. The memorial is named after the Dutch sailor who lost his life in the process of saving a drowning swimmer

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