Places Near Elliots Beach: Ashtalakshmi Temple Chennai,Besant Nagar

The Ashtalakshmi temple Chennai is situated in Besant Nagar, on the shores of the Bay of Bengal.
That stretch of beach is known as the Elliot's beach.
Astalakshmi temple Chennai besant nagar: one of the oldest temple in chennai.
The temple was constructed on the express wishes of Sri Mahaa Periyavaal of Kanchi Mutt, Sri Chandrasekara Saraswati Swamigal. The temple's architecture is unique, with the deities installed in four levels. All this near Wondrous Elliots Beach
The shrine of Mahaalakshmi & Mahaavishnu (the principal deities) is in level two. Here one can see the imposing, bigger than life vigrahams facing the eastern horizon overlooking the sea.


Beach Rd,
Odaimanagar, Besant Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu (Near Elliots Beach Chennai)

Getting There:

By all Transport: Once you reach Elliots Beach, Ashtalakshmi temple Chennai is located near..You can hire a cab or auto to get there..

Open 9.30 am - 12.30 pm, 4 pm - 8.30 pm

The Brief Info Explains Why it is an added place to "a Visit to Elliots Beach"
Walking up the stairs to the third tier, the path leads to the shrine of Santaana Lakshmi (bestower of offspring) facing south. Next we get the darshan of Vijayalakshmi (bestower of success in all ventures, vijaya - success), on the western side on the 3rd tier.

Vidyaalakshmi (associated with learning & wisdom) sits facing the northern side & the shrine of Gajalaskhmi (bestower of all round prosperity) is located facing the eastern side on the 3rd tier.A visit to Ashtalakshi Temple Chennai can bring forth some wisdom to your children..(Just kidding ofcourse :D)
A flight of few steps above leads one to the 4th tier, where the Dhanalakshmi (Goddess of wealth) shrine is located facing eastward. Here's is the only shrine on the 4th level. All these places near Elliots Beach Chennai

Exiting the main shrine - the principal deities, at the ground level on the southern flank of the gopuram is the shrine for Aadhi Lakshmi.

One the western flank is the shrine for Dhaanya Lakshmi (Goddess of food grains).
Dhairiya Lakshmi's (the Goddess of courage & strength) shrine is situated on the northern flank.

There is a huge hundi for Venkataachalapathi within the complex. There is a sannadhi for the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu, to the left of which is the Madapalli (the kitchen for preparing naivedhiyam for the Gods).
There are shrines for Tumbikai Aazhwar (Ganesha), Guruvaayurappan, Chakrathaazhwar & Narasimhar (on either side of the same idol), Aanjaneyar & Dhanvantri.
No Wonder,Ashtalakshmi Temple Chennai is a place to visit once you Come on a trip to "Elliots Beach Chennai"

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