Keep Your Stresses At Bay,
Relax and Enjoy The Sunshine At Beaches Of Chennai

As You stare at the waves receding from beaches of chennai,it looks pleasurable and almost innocent as they crash over one another. You can savor the salt in the air and the sun reflects off the water in dazzling colors of gold, blue and red, just resembling rainbow. The plain blue sky with birds towering over your head, the panorama will all be laid out like an exotic nature drawing in an art gallery. Everything on beaches of Chennai has its own inimitable feel and it has itsown way of making you feel unruffled and relaxed.
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Listing of beaches of Chennai :

1)Marina beach:

marina-beach Marina beach is one of the longest beaches of the World. Unlike most other beaches,It is mainly sandy with no rock formations. A walk into this beach can be walk of lifetime.The water is so clear that it is as if the people are swimming in liquid glass.Standing on cold yet warm water is like standing on an ice cube in the midst of scorching heat.
It is known for its shops and eatables available,making it a hangout for all ages.
The gentle evening breeze and huge range of colours portrayed by sky will never let you leave this place. Excited>??Visit Marina beach a.k.a Anna square or Anna samadhi......

2)Covelong beach:

Covelong beach, located at a mere 40 km from chennai metropolitan is an added wondrous beach to stopover.
As you stroll alongside the sea shore of this beachyou can stumble upon a feeling of diverse kinds.
The beach is crammed with vigorous fishing activities, which highlights the actuality that it was a fishing town.
If you are in search of unruffled place or a place to lighten up, this is the unsurpassed spot.
It throngs the visitors to spend long time unknowingly.It is less crowded, so obviouslyless polluted and fresh air.
Feel like visiting? Holiday at Covelong Beach alias Kovalam Beach....

3)Elliot's beach:

Located at the end of Marina beach, Elliots beach scripts yet an additional trademark of beaches in Chennai.
Its amazingly quite environment and long shore makes people of all age to lose their hearts on the lap of nature's beauty.
For people who think that Marina is crowded and teeming with numbers, this beach provides a great alternative. It attracts local folks and especially teenagers, who spend their spare time time their.
A voyage to beaches of Chennai cannot be completed without this tranquil and marvelous beach.
Wanna stopover?? Visit Elliot's Beach a.k.a Besant Nagar Beach..

4)Kasimedu beach:

If you are still unsatisfied with beaches of Chennai,Kasimedu beach serves you what you need.
Though you cannot expect a huge beach, this beach surely has what it takes to be called a "Good beach". Kasimedu is basically a harbor and it is often quiet and wonderous breeze lures us to a world of relaxation.
Visit Kasimedu Beach a.k.a N4 beach

5)Thiruvanmiyur beach:

One of the upcoming tourist spots.
The beach is sometimes teeming with teenagers and college students.
Though it is not considered a worthy tourist spot, watching the sunset can amaze you.
If you have lots of time and wonder upon various beach options,Visit Thiruvanmiyur beach..

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