ECR is The Place For CaR and BikE Lovers!!

East Coast Road, popularly known as ECR, stretches along, obviously the East Coast, ie Bay of Bengal, and connects all villages, towns and cities on the East Coast.
It runs from Chennai to Kanyakumari, the southern most tip of this country, and is 737 kms long. If you decide to drive all along, if would be a great road trip.

Some Facts:

If you started driving from Thiruvanmiyur in Chennai, when you reach Mahabalipuram, you would have covered 43 kms, and would have covered 113 kms, if you reached Pondy. East Coast Road connects Chennai to Pondicherry, Cuddalore, Nagapattinam, Tuticorn and Kanyakumari, and runs 737 kms along the coast .

Getting There:

Car/Bike would be the Best Way To travel along East Coast Road. Afterall,It is worth it

On The Way:
There is a toll booth just outside Chennai, and they collect Rs. 45 for a round ticket to Mahabalipuram and little over that for a round ticket to Pondy. After you have cross the toll booth, the experience is different.
Parts of the roads of ECR are scenic, with a lovely view of the sea lined with coconut trees, casuarinas trees, fishermens villages, catamarans neatly arranged along, or just plain beach sand……and nothing else. No matter what's on the shore, the drive is great.
While you drive, you will see the sea coast on the left, it is sometimes, just a few feet away, and at some places, it is about a kilometer away, but, with nothing else in between to hide the view, the view is breathtaking.
After you cross Pondicherry, as you drive towards Cuddalore and further south, you will be driving with the sea lashing at the road…it is like, Marine drive types….with walls constructed, with road on top of it, and the sea with all its fury, dashes at the road.

At Night:

If you drive in the night along the ECR, you find that the road is dotted with reflectors on both the sides and in the middle, it looks superb.
There many be many such places overseas, but, to have one world class road in India, is a great thing.
People who have driven on this one, will surely agree. Dont You??Write What You Feel

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