Beaches In Chennai which many people Ignore,
Thus MakinG it a Spot Of uber calmness

Kasimedu Beach:

If you are still unsatisfied with Beaches In Chennai,Kasimedu beach serves you what you need.
It is also known as N4 Beach
Though you cannot expect a huge beach, this beach surely has what it takes to be called a "Good beach" among the Beaches In Chennai
Kasimedu is basically a harbor and it is often quiet and wonderous breeze lures us to a world of relaxation.
This beach is known for its scenic beauty and Various films are being shot at this wonderful place.
The famed "dasavatharam" climax was shot at this place.Visit this beach to know the truth

Kasimedu Beach Overlooking Harbor

Getting There:

From CMBT: Kasimedu is the destination place. No direct buses are available.
Head over to Broadway(Parrys Corner) and then take a bus to kasimedu

From central: Beach station is the station in vicinity. From Beach station take a bus to Kasimedu..It is just 5km from beach station and getting there should be hassle free

From Airport : The airport is located on the outskirts of Chennai.As always, Hiring a cab would be the best option to reach this wonderful and calmest among the Beaches in Chennai(Only Option)

Not Many Have Had Oppurtunities To explore These Beaches of Chennai??Are you among Those Lucky People?Share Your Experiences

Thiruvanmiyur Beach:

One of the upcoming tourist spots.
The beach is sometimes teeming with teenagers and college students.Though it is not considered a worthy tourist spot, watching the sunset can amaze you.
If you have lots of time and wonder upon various beach options,you can visit this beach.

Wondrous Color Portrayed During Twilight

Getting There:

Thiruvanmiyur Beach is an upcoming beach and is not connected with most of the routes.
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